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Wonderful Winter Wreaths

By 8th December 2016Articles, Lifestyle, News

Wreath by Rees & Co

From traditional berry-studded garlands to inventive, contemporary designs, wreaths add instant seasonal appeal to every home.

There’s little more enticing than a generous wreath suspended from a front door at this time of year and the beauty of these age-old decorative garlands lies in their versatility. They look just as striking inside the home as outside – propped on a mantelpiece or a console, hanging over mirrors, styled as a table centrepiece, or suspended on the inside of a window. The key is to be generous in your approach, whether you opt for a foraged, evergreen wreath such as Philippa Craddock’s lavish Nordic Wreath, £75, The Conran Shop’s playful bauble bedecked option, £45, or a minimalist design like Rowen & Wren’s chic zinc and brass offering, £42. Small wreaths can get lost in a decorative scheme, so go for big and bold.



Philippa Craddock’s Nordic Wreath


“There’s a strong correlation between fashion and flowers,” suggests florist Al Fagan of Rees & Co. “Right now, velvet is trending and that’s reflected in the bouquets and wreaths I’m putting together, which feature plenty of blood red velvet Baccara roses this winter.” Fortunately, the trend for undone, naturalistic blooms is a godsend to those of us wanting to make our own adornments. Winter arrangements always benefit from the spoils of the garden and hedgerow. For an unusual take, try buying or making a garland fashioned from less obvious choices such as bay, hydrangea heads or bare winter branches for a sculptural look. Weaving in some subtle pin light LEDs will add an extra sprinkling of festive magic.

If making your own wreath appeals, follow florist Al Fagan’s failsafe tips:

  • “You can either build your wreath from scratch, or begin with a ready-made frame of greenery and foliage sourced from your local florist or garden centre.
  • To create from scratch, use a circular metal frame sourced either from a florist or craft shop.
  • Pad out the frame with sphagnum moss and use a roll of wire to bind and hold it firmly in place. Don’t be afraid to pull the wire really tight as you want it to be very secure.
  • Once you’re confident that it’s sturdy, gather the foliage, greenery and decorations that you have chosen. I like to use pine and spruce to start and then a mixture of eucalyptus leaves and pods, pine cones, crab apple branches, dried oranges and walnuts.
  • Cover your moss base completely with greenery and foliage. The best way to secure each item is to individually wire each stem. To do this, take a length of wire, bend it in half to form a hairpin and hold the hairpin against the bottom of the stem. Take one of the hairpin legs and wrap it around both the other hairpin leg plus the stem to form a really tight bond. This can then be pushed through your moss wreath and secured at the tail end.
  • Once you have ‘greened up’ the moss wreath, repeat this with your chosen decorations. Walnuts may need a little bit of elbow grease and possibly a glue gun to secure the wire.
  • Keep adding as many decorations as you fancy – Christmas is the perfect time to indulge. And finish it off with thick deep red velvet or wired edged ribbon.”

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