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The Torridon Martini

By 2nd May 2018Articles, Lifestyle, News

Arcutus, The Torridon’s signature gin, was conceived from foraging local botanicals including kelp, rowan berries, bilberries and Scots lovage. Handcrafted in the far north of Scotland with Dunnet Bay Distillers, Arcturus is related to the stag and named after one of the brightest stars that is visible from Earth.

Torridon Martini

  • 50ml Arcturus Gin
  • 20ml Great British Vermouth
  • A ‘dash’ of Chartreuse
  • Garnish with lightly pickled samphire


  • Add a dash of the Chartreuse to a chilled Martini glass, swirl to coat glass and discard
  • In a separate cocktail shaker, add ice, Arcturus Gin and Vermouth. Stir for 10 seconds
  • Strain and serve immediately. Garnish with lightly pickled samphire

Recipe kindly supplied by The Torridon

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