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The Torridon – Highland Cattle From Field to Plate

By 9th April 2013 No Comments
The Torridon

The cattle have become an integral part of the day to day business of the hotel.

Guests love to observe them in their natural habitat and particularly enjoy seeing them fed their daily treat of leftover vegetables from the kitchen. As with any farm the ultimate goal is to provide a product for consumption, and we are fortunate to use the cows as a high quality ingredient in our restaurants.

Head Chef Jason ‘Bruno’ Birkbeck loves the locality and quality of the produce and states that he can “easily get 10 great dishes out of the meat from one cow”. This means that we serve many guests each year with our deliciously reared Highland Beef. As well as providing a spectacular starter or main course in our fine dining restaurant, our highland cattle also provide a hearty breakfast at The Torridon.

The Torridon Hotel, Scotland

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