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Sleeping Beauty

By 12th August 2019Articles, Lifestyle, News

Take inspiration from your favourite hotel bedrooms by bringing the luxe look home. The key is to dial up the comfort factor with the best mattress you can afford, says Emma J Page.

Creating a bedroom scheme that is both beautiful and practical requires getting the basics just right. More than a third of our lives is taken up by sleeping, so it pays to work from the ground up: invest in the best mattress and support that you can afford, before turning your hand to embellishments such as luxe linens, cosy blankets and eye-catching fabrics.

The key to buying well is to understand the separate components of a truly comfortable bed. They include a quality mattress, the support it rests on (often a divan) and the optional frame or headboard, used more as a finishing touch.

Image: Savour

‘You could buy the most expensive mattress in the world, but if it’s not properly supported by a sturdy foundation, you needn’t have bothered,’ explains Alistair Hughes, of bed maker Savoir ( ‘If a good mattress is placed on a rickety slatted base, the sleeper’s weight is placed solely on the mattress. A box spring (or divan) is designed to take a person’s weight and take the pressure off of the mattress, whose role is to support.’


Made to Measure

The best mattresses combine metal springs with natural, such as loose curled horse tail hair. In the luxury sphere, comfort means bespoke, and the best bed makers all offer truly tailored options. Swedish brand Hästens’ ( distinctive blue check mattresses are filled with a blend of cotton, wool, flax and horsetail, available in more than 20,000 combinations. These natural fibres help regulate body temperature, providing support, pliability and ventilation. Likewise, Savoir’s beds are handcrafted. Its mattresses feature Argentinian horsetail, which is naturally hollow, like wool, wicking away moisture to regulate body temperature, while acting as a micro-spring.

Image: Hastens

The mattresses and divans made by family-run Hypnos ( use wool as a primary natural filling, complemented by horsetail, camel wool, alpaca wool and bamboo. Herdy ( uses the wool of local Herdwick sheep, blended with cotton and cashmere, to create traditionally tufted and hand-finished mattresses that comprise 6,000 micro-sized pocket springs for maximum body contact. Another luxury stalwart, Vispring (, hand-nests its pocket springs in a honeycomb pattern, so that each works independently for head-to-toe support. For handsome pairings of mattress, frame and divan, And So To Bed ( offers a range of classic beds, in decadent Emperor sizes. Its latest, Emilia Grand, features an ultra-tall buttoned headboard in several finishes, including luxe velvet.


Luxe for Less

For those of us without bottomless pockets, there are hacks: ‘I always add a topper made from cotton and wool to my mattress to ramp up the comfort factor,’ suggests interior designer Louise Robinson ( ‘And while the king of beds is arguably fully upholstered, a headboard can convey a similarly tailored finish and provide an excellent opportunity to go bolder with pattern. If you add contrasting piping, the look is utterly bespoke.’ For a combination of practicality and comfort, Salvesen Graham ( recommends a divan with drawers, providing valuable hidden storage when used with a valance over the top. ‘We often use Glanmar ( as they provide a wide range of excellent mattresses,’ says Nicole Salvesen.

Image: Cat Dal Interiors; Savoir

Meanwhile, interior architect and founder of DOM Stay & Live ( Marta Nowicka, suggests opting for the biggest bed you can afford. ‘Avoid ‘on-trend’ varieties that can easily date and go for a robust, classic style dressed in luxe linens,’ she advises. Interior designer Cat Dal ( suggests investing in a good quality hydro lift bed, that enables copious storage under the entire width and length of the bed. She also sings the praises of headboards. ‘Find a fabric that makes your heart sing and upholster a plain headboard for a personalised touch,’ she advises. ‘Or opt for rattan for a bohemian look, or scalloped velvet for some glamour. Urban Outfitters ( has some beautiful woven headboards that add gorgeous texture.’ Combine functionality with a little bit of flair, and you’ll have your own hotel haven at home.

Article written by Emma J Page

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