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By 29th January 2018Articles, Lifestyle, News

Fabric design innovators GP&J Baker select six fabrics from their fantastic collection to brighten up your winter.


Muza BF10716.1 is a fabulously intricate patchwork composed of the vibrant geometric embroideries in GP & J Baker’s latest collection ‘East to West’.

Wolsey BF10654.3 is a design from GP & J Baker’s ‘Historic Royal Palaces’ collection and reflects the magnificence of Cardinal Wolsey’s decoration of Hampton Court Palace.  An opulent quilted damask, it has a colour palette ranging from the richly dramatic bronze/ebony, jade and vibrant garnet to soft verdigris and mink.

Winton BF10594.3 is based on a 19th century Kashmir shawl border. This delightful traditional pattern has been woven as a rich jacquard; perfect for luxurious curtains and upholstery.

The design of this Royal Garden Velvet 10642.4 print takes inspiration from the gardens of Hampton Court, Kensington Palace and Kew Palace and is reminiscent of the romantic blooms painted on to the ceiling of the ‘King’s Little Bedchamber’ by the Italian artist, Antonio Verrio at Hampton Court Palace.

Representing a collector’s love of traditional paisleys, Lomond Velvet FD265.Y101 is a vibrant velvet which shows them as both large and small motifs enhanced by graphic stripes and an iconic Mulberry Home plaid.  ‘Lomond’ has been printed with great clarity in gorgeous vivid colours as well as a cool sage green.


Shetland Plaid FD344.V55 is a beautiful 100% wool fabric that has been designed in the true plaid tradition.  Softly coloured checks are enlivened by brighter shades all blending harmoniously, making it extremely versatile and easy to use.

Information kindly supplied by GP & J Baker

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