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Protecting the Brand

By 26th March 2010News

Despite the unrelentingly alarming news on the economy, business remains good for most of the privately owned luxury hotels that appear within the Pride of Britain luxury hotels collection.

In fact, this year we have more applications to join than ever but as you will notice the collection has not suddenly grown to 100 hotels!

The reason for this is that all new applicants are first vetted by an existing member who stays anonymously and then reports to our small elected board who must then decide whether to recommend that hotel to the other members. If the answer is yes, a ballot is held to determine whether the hotel can join.This is how we guarantee that whichever hotel you visit in this collection, you will find excellent hospitality that all the other members can confidently recommend.

It doesn’t end there. Every two years all existing member hotels are visited by “mystery guests” under the direction of an independent quality control consultant.

All this protects the integrity of the brand… and the quality of your experience.

Pride of Britain Hotels
Pride of Britain Hotels