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Pride of Britain Hotels’ New Blog

By 8th March 2010News

As the world moves in to the twenty teens, Pride of Britain Hotels are moving with the times and looking to provide the perfect online service.

A major part of this will be an interesting and regularly updated blog. The major writers for the blog will be Andrew Liggins and Peter Hancock. Andrew Liggins is in charge of the online media for Pride of Britain Hotels and has an interesting history in the catering industry. From running small bars in boutique hotels, working as a chef in Courchevel, the most exclusive resort in the Alps, working as an adventure tour guide in South America and acting as a chef on treks, managing a gastro pub in a hotel in Stratford upon Avon and finally arriving at POB. His wide variety of knowledge, including experiencing luxury hotels in places such as Singapore and Peru, will help Andrew to bring a fresh approach to the way Pride of Britain Hotels serve its members within the luxury hotel sector. Through out all of these jobs he has been heavily involved in online marketing and website design. For two years he ran the online marketing for an adventure travel company and has also designed and promoted many online websites for a range of different companies.

Peter is the chief executive of Pride of Britain and has 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, from his time managing small hotels in Sussex and Hampshire to more recent work as a publisher of hotel guides before joining the consortium ten years ago. He supplements his modest salary by giving after-dinner speeches and writing for the leading trade magazine Caterer & Hotelkeeper.

Pride of Britain Hotels
Pride of Britain Hotels