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Pan seared scallop with stuffed courgette flower

By 12th November 2021Articles, Lifestyle, News

Try this recipe of pan seared scallop with scallop mousseline stuffed courgette flower and dill compressed cucumber.

Pan Searced Scallop With Stuffed Courgette Flower


150g scallop

100g double cream

1 egg white

Pinch of salt

1 cucumber

For the Dill Oil:

Mix equal amounts of fresh dill and grapeseed oil

For the Picked Cucumber:

Half a cucumber

Sea salt

100g chardonnay vinegar

40g sherry vinegar

70g water

70g honey

For the Citrus Beurre Blanc:

Equal amounts of lemon and lime juice

200g double cream

80g cold butter


  1. To make the scallop mousseline, firstly prepare an ice bath and set a bowl on top of it. This will help stop the mousseline from splitting. In the bowl blend together 150g of scallop with 100g of double cream, one egg white and a pinch of salt. Mix gently over the ice bath. Pass through a fine chinois and refrigerate.
  2. Once cooled for around an hour, place the mousse in a piping bag and after removing the stamen from the flower, pipe the mousse into flower head and wrap it in cling film. Later it will be steamed for four minutes or until cooked.
  3. For the dill oil, blanch the dill for one minute in boiling water, then refresh and dehydrate fully. Weigh the dill and use equal parts of dill and grapeseed oil. Spin in a Thermomix at 75 degrees for 12 minutes and then hang in muslin.
  4. For the cucumber, cut into rectangular shapes and peel. Compress the cucumber with the dill oil and leave for a minimum of 12 hours. Reserve some of the dill oil for plating.
  5. For the pickled cucumber slices, using a mandolin, thinly slice the cucumber and salt for five minutes, preferably using Maldon or a good quality sea salt. Then rinse and leave to dry. For the pickle add 100g of chardonnay vinegar, 40g sherry vinegar, 70g water and 70g honey and bring to a simmer and cool before adding the cucumber slices to the pickle.
  6. For the citrus beurre blanc, reduce equal quantities of lemon and lime juice in a pan by half, then add 200g of double cream and bring to the boil. Take off the heat and whisk in 80g of cold butter – a little at a time – until smooth and thick. Add a little salt to taste.
  7. Now to cook and serve. Place the stuffed flower in a steamer for four minutes. Get a pan on a high heat and add a little oil. Place the whole scallop into the oil and cook until golden on one side. Flip and then add butter, lemon juice and salt. Baste continuously until the centre of the scallop is at 52 degrees, then leave to rest.
  8. Using a plancha or dry pan, sear the compressed cucumber for around two minutes until a slight colour becomes visible.
  9. To garnish use borage flowers and the reserved dill oil.

Recipe kindly supplied by Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa

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