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Scotland with a Highlander

Experience Edinburgh and the Highlands as you never have before with your own personal guide.


Book a luxury room in Dunstane House and use as a base to explore Edinburgh and beyond with Andy the Highlander! Dressed authentically straight out of the 18th century Andy will guide you round some of Scotland’s most infamous sites and, as one of Jamie Fraser’s Highland men, Andy is uniquely qualified to conduct Outlander tours.


A tour with Andy is more than just a day checking places off a list. He will give you inside knowledge of the show and the filming locations. You can take as many photos as you like with Andy and autographed prints will be available for purchase. No matter which tour you choose, you are guaranteed a day of Scottish camaraderie, laughter, VIP treatment and memories to treasure.


Package includes:


  • 2 days Bed and full Scottish breakfast in one of The Dunstane Houses newly refurbished luxury rooms
  • Andy! He will pick you up in full Jacobite kit including Lallybroch plaid, swords, dirks, targe, pistols, and flintlock musket – just in case you encounter any marauding rival clans!
  • Transportation – pickup and drop off from Dunstane House
  • Whisky to toast the day on the steps of Lallybroch
  • As many photos as you like with Andy
  • Bottled water and snacks


Prices start from £399 per person for the two night break in a Luxury Wee Double.

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