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London escape: Cultivate your soul in Surrey

By 10th April 2017Articles, Lifestyle, News

The Medicine Garden, once a derelict Victorian walled garden in Cobham, has been transformed into an enchanting place where visitors can strengthen both their physical robustness and, indeed, their invisible anima. Approximately one hectare in size, with its original walls intact, the garden’s design is based on an eight-pointed compass with ‘directions’ such as Nourishment, Courage and Stillness. It’s uplifting, and full of possibilities, providing ‘a taste of good medicine’ through food, plants, art, classes and treatments. Everywhere you look, nature is the overriding inspiration.

Between the walled garden and 13 sensitively converted outbuildings (including a kitchen garden and a hothouse), you can stroll, watch local artists create unique pieces, see an osteopath, enjoy a healing massage, participate in a Tai Chi or Bootcamp class, learn about mindful eating, or experience Manual Lymphatic Drainage even – and that’s by far from all that’s offered here. For a wholesome lunch, order in the Garden Pod Café, then choose a spot anywhere you like – on the Baroque sofa on the decking, or on a deckchair on the lawn, perhaps. From late spring, you can also order your food from a vintage Airstream so as not to miss a moment of sun.


By Mischa Mack

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