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Lobster Tortellino

By 10th September 2021Articles, Lifestyle, News

Challenge yourself by making this delicious lobster dish for family or friends; the ideal recipe for accomplished cooks.

Lobster Tortellino

Ingredients for the mousse:

4 x Scallops

3 x Egg yolks

250 ml single cream


Cayenne Pepper


Method for the mousse:

  1. Place cleaned scallops in a Thermomix or blender
  2. Place egg yolks with enough cream just to cover the eggs and scallops, a pinch of salt and a small pinch of cayenne pepper
  3. Blend until smooth and glossy
  4. Roll a small sausage with the mixture to poach to test the seasoning
  5. Place the remaining mousse in the fridge after adjusting to taste


Ingredients for the squid ink pasta:

500g Pasta Flour

2 x Whole eggs

60g x Squid Ink

5 x Egg yolks

2 x tbsp olive oil

3 x tbsp water


Method for the squid ink pasta:

  1. Place sieved flour into mixing bowl
  2. Mix eggs, yolks, squid ink, water and oil together
  3. Make a small well in the flour
  4. Add the egg mixture
  5. Bring the flour in from the sides until it is all mixed together
  6. Empty on to a work top, kneed until smooth. Place in dry film and rest.


Ingredients for the coconut and lemongrass sauce:

2 x Lobster heads

2 x Lemongrass sticks

60g x ginger

1 x Bunch coriander

1 x Tin of coconut milk

500ml of Fish stock

50g mirin

50g x White wine Vinegar

2 x Konbu sheets

Lemon, salt, pepper for seasoning


Method for the coconut and lemongrass sauce:

  1. Roast lobster bones, once pink colour has occurred add the chopped ginger, lemongrass & coriander
  2. Add the rice wine vinegar, mirin & coconut milk
  3. Add fish stock
  4. Cook for 4 minutes or until flavour is present
  5. Pass through fine sieve



You will need 2 x 1 1b live lobsters


Method for cooking the lobsters:

  1. Place lobster tail into boiling water for 3 minutes straight into ice water
  2. Cook clams separate for 6 minutes and place into ice cold water
  3. Once completely cold, crack the shell off the lobster, tail and claws. Remove cartilage from claws.
  4. Devein the tails and rinse debris away
  5. Cut into 2 cm chunks of lobster
  6. Place into a bowl
  7. Mix with chopped basil, mousse and place into a piping bag


To serve:

  1. Make the tortellino by placing a layer of clingfilm on your worktop
  2. Roll the pasta to the lowest setting on the pasta machine
  3. Cover with another layer of cling film to stop the pasta drying out
  4. Peel back part of the top layer of cling film and cut a square of pasta and pipe a small ball of lobster mousse in the middle of the square
  5. Take the bottom two corners and fold them over to the top 2 corners
  6. With a small amount of flour, gently work around the farce and pressing to join the pasta together
  7. Using a round cutter, cut a semi-circle out leaving a lip around ½ cm thick
  8. Turn the tortellino over and gently press the middle and bring the two corners together with a slight overlap and firmly press together
  9. Cook tortellino in simmering water for four minutes until pasta is tender
  10. Place onto a tray and season with lemon and salt.
  11. Place 2 x tortellino in a bowl and garnish with miniature courgette flowers and micro coriander
  12. Hand blend sauce until frothy
  13. Add the sauce delicately in between the tortellino.


Recipe kindly supplied by Hambleton Hall

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