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Hooked on Hygge

By 27th October 2016Lifestyle, News

It’s not just crime series that are a hot export for Denmark right now. There’s a new craze for the centuries-old art of hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) – the gift of living well. The Danes have been perfecting this unstudied but elegant style for years. Fortunately, it’s easy to recreate the mood at home

Few of us truly relish the shorter days, plunging temperatures and gloomy light of winter. But a new season also offers the perfect excuse to rejuvenate interiors, inspired by our Nordic friends.

If there’s one buzzword for surviving these dark months in style, it’s ‘hygge’. The concept is trending in the UK right now, thanks, in part, to our ongoing passion for Scandi schemes. The idea is to go back to basics, finding pleasure in the everyday rituals of life, from sipping a hot drink in front of the fire, to serving a warming family supper by candlelight.

Getting your own home in shape requires a few practical considerations, some easy decorative updates and a dose of creativity. Start by decluttering your interiors to reveal a serene canvas. Hygge is all about evoking a mood, so small tweaks are all it takes to create a sense of well-being: try using favourite tableware at dinner, dotting the house with cuttings in bud vases, adding cinnamon sticks to a roaring fire, lighting candles as dusk falls, swathing chairs in soft blankets and cushions and introducing different textures to your scheme. A hyggeligt (hygge-like) home is best shared with others so take the time to cook with friends or enjoy a warming after-supper drink with family. Simplicity is key: embrace the interiors, activities and people that you love and you’ll have perfected the Scandi art of living cosily.

Written by Emma J Page

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