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Guide to Hotel Spa Packages and Spa Treatments

By 5th December 2012Articles

There are a number of hotels around Britain which offer spa treatments to enhance a holiday or provide a relaxing break from business travel.

These hotels have are a variety of different types of spas, including overnight spas, day spas and destination spas. Most people do not have the time to visit a spa for more than one day, which is why day spas have become more and more popular for hotel guests. Just because someone has a busy schedule, doesn’t mean they should forgo a relaxing, therapeutic and beautifying day at a spa.

Hotel Day Spas

A relaxing atmosphere is essential for a spa. The facilities may have saunas or steam rooms, and each person has a private treatment room, but many treatments are administered outdoors, weather permitting, where the hotel guest can see a beautiful view or gardens.

Some of the most luxurious day spa facilities are located in specially-built facilities to offer a first class spa experience. Some hotels have the spa areas slightly distant from the main hotel to give a sense of seclusion and peace. Hotels that have the spa facility in the main hotel offer privacy and relaxation close to guests’ rooms.

Hotel Spa Treatments

All spas give certain treatments including health and beauty treatments. Facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and waxing are featured for every spa, while some also have an indoor or outdoor heated hydrotherapy pool. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for therapeutic treatments. The temperature and pressure of the water can stimulate blood circulation and treat certain diseases. Some hydrotherapy includes underwater jets, minerals added to the water, hot water pressure and cold plunge.

More advanced treatments are body wraps, scrubs and skin exfoliation. Body wraps are treatments where the body is wrapped with fabric, plastic or other material to help weight-loss, improve the condition of the skin and remove toxins. They are combined with herbs, minerals, clay, seaweed or mud.

Exfoliation is the sloughing off of dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells with certain natural products. The face is exfoliated with a mild product and callouses on the feet would need a harsher product. The body can be exfoliated with a scrubber sponge or loofah. Along with the beautiful and relaxing setting, spas aim for wellness by using products that are free from toxic chemicals and artificial colour or fragrance.

Many of these products are found from alternative treatments around the world including mineral water, algae, mud, herbal extracts and essential oils. Some products are designed exclusively for men with extracts from herbs, fruits and other plants. There are several different full body massages as well as foot and head massages. Thai massage is a favourite, as is Swiss massage. Other types of massage are reflexology, acupressure, Indian head massage and hot stone massage.

First class hotels will have well trained professionals for any treatment they offer. Some spas offer flotation or isolation tanks. This allows the guest to float in skin temperature salt water, in the dark. The magnesium sulphate in the right concentration allows the head to float without covering the nose and mouth. It is considered one of the best, non-invasive ways to manage stress.

Hotel Spa Packages

Each spa will offer unique spa packages for a full day experience or for one-and-a-half to three hours. A full day may include a welcoming soft drink or fruit juice and continue with the treatments selected by the guest.

For example, it may include aroma-massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. A delicious gourmet lunch will be included. There will also be time for relaxing by the pool, using the fully-equipped gym and sauna or steam room and, in some cases, tennis courts. Packages are selected for the type of experience the hotel guest desires. They may need rejuvenation and energy, relaxation, beauty treatments or a combination of several treatments.

These can include a Mediterranean facial, neck and shoulder massage, foot massage and a light lunch, coffee and tea. Day spa packages also include deep tissue massage, tanning treatments, full leg, Brazilian and bikini waxing. They offer double packages for friends or couples where both have treatments in the same room with different therapists.

It is always recommended to arrive about 20 minutes before the scheduled time for the appointment to relax with a soft drink or fruit juice before getting started. A day at the spa is a great gift for bridesmaids or for a thank-you after the wedding. Most hotel spas offer discounts during certain times of the year.

They also offer memberships for locals to enjoy the hotel spa facilities at reduced rates. Spas offer mother and daughter days as well as days just for men. It is worth looking into the facilities at any of the spas in the Pride of Britain Spa Hotels to find a few hours of pampering along with health treatments that rejuvenate and beautify.

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