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Grilled Octopus

By 20th October 2021Articles, Lifestyle, News

Grilled Octopus, sweetcorn puree, Charred Corn on Cob, Confit Chorizo & its oil, gochujang aioli, Lemon Verbena oil – Edible flowers

Soon to be on the winter menu at The Capital is this delicious meaty octopus tentacle served with sweetcorn & chorizo with a hint of Korean spice and edible flowers.

Ingredients & Method:


Purchase a small octopus – place in a pot and cover in cold water & simmer for at least four hours – or you can buy already-cooked Octopus legs – set aside for later.

Sweetcorn Puree

200g sweetcorn or one tin of cooked sweetcorn, cover with water, a splash of cream & a teaspoon of butter, then boil until half of the liquid is evaporated – put in food processor until smooth.


Buy one or two best quality chorizo sausages, cover in oil and simmer for 30 mins, leave in oil to cool and cut into shapes.

Charred Corn on the cob

Leave corn on husk, place into hot pan, roll slowly or until kernels appear to be black, then cut kernels off and set aside.

Gochujang aioli

Gather together 2tsp Gochujang paste, two garlic cloves and 2 tbsp water – blitz until smooth – add best quality mayonnaise and blitz again.

Lemon Verbena oil

Use one bunch of lemon verbena and good quality olive oil to blitz and release the natural lemon oil – leave to infuse.

To plate

Smooth puree on chosen plate, place grilled Octopus on top – arrange chorizo on plate, sprinkle the kernels on top, then add small dollops of Gochujang aioli on plate – add some edible flowers – drizzle lemon verbena oil over – serve & enjoy. Recipe kindly supplied by The Capital Hotel, Apartments and Townhouse, London

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