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Get a good night’s sleep

By 9th November 2016Lifestyle, News

According to independent sleep expert, Dr Neil Stanley, it isn’t the quantity of our sleep that is important, it’s the quality.

Dr Stanley comments, “Everyone’s sleep requirement is different; it’s a myth that we all need eight hours per night. Some people will function well on three hours, while others require 11 hours’ sleep. To me, a good night’s sleep is one that leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning and more productive throughout the day.”

So how do we achieve a good night’s sleep?  Here are Dr Stanley’s top three tips:

1. A comfy bed

A comfortable and supportive bed will give you the best chance of sleeping soundly throughout the night.  The aim of a good mattress is to spread pressure evenly across the body to naturally align the spine and assist circulation during sleep.

For example, choosing a pocket-sprung Vispring bed ensures that the tension of the springs is suited to one’s weight to ensure proper support. The mattress is also filled with natural materials to help maintain a comfortable temperature.

2. Create a sleep sanctuary


The bedroom should be quiet, dark and the correct temperature – around 16-18 °C is perfect, it’ll feel warmer under your duvet. You should remove all electrical and electronic items as even standby lights have an impact on quality of sleep.  Finally, the room shouldn’t be too stuffy – try sleeping with the window ajar, but if noise is a problem, just ensure that the room is well ventilated.

3. Have a tried and tested bedtime routine

Start your bedtime routine about an hour before going to sleep in order to allow enough time for both body and mind to wind down. Don’t go to bed hungry, but avoid drinking too much – particularly alcohol and caffeine – in the evenings. Exercise should also be avoided for six hours before bed, and try to establish a ‘bed time’ and a ‘rise time’”.

Images courtesy of And So To Bed whose flagship store is located in London at 591-593 Kings Road, LONDON, SW6 2EH – 0207 731 3593


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