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Friday’s tipple: Christmas Collins

By 25th November 2016Lifestyle, News

Verjus Christmas Collins

The Capital Hotel’s cocktail guru, Cesar Da Silva, has taken this season’s hottest new ingredient – Verjus by chef Nathan Outlaw – and created a delicious Christmas Collins cocktail. Verjus is pressed from unripe organic grapes and is less acidic than lemon juice, bringing a balance of sweetness and added depth to any recipe.


50 ml Gin

40 ml Verjus

15 ml Cointreau

1 Egg white

Top with soda water


First, place the egg white in the cocktail shaker and you give it a shake (in a cold and dry shaker) so the egg white will foam.

Add ice to the shaker, then pour in the Gin, Verjus and Cointreau and give it a strong shake. Pour the composition into a tumbler or preferably a sling glass.

Top up with soda and garnish with redcurrants.

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