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Crispy Campbells Haggis Bon Bons

By 25th July 2018Articles, Lifestyle, News


    • 1 x roll of haggis
    • 80g flour
    • 4 eggs
    • 300g breadcrumbs
    • 100g Arran mustard
    • 500ml mayonnaise
    • 25ml Glenkinchie whisky
    • 50g pea shoots



  1. Portion the haggis up into balls and dip them in beaten egg, flour and breadcrumbs.
  2. Deep fry the bon bons until golden brown.
  3. Mix the Arran mustard and Glenkinchie whisky into the mayonnaise, then serve the haggis bon bons with mayonnaise and add pea shoots for decoration.

Recipe kindly supplied by Dunstane House

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