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Champagne & Food Pairings

By 15th February 2017Articles, Lifestyle, News

Much like any food and wine combination, champagne should be paired with culinary classics to get the best out of both.

Chef Marco Fardiga comments, “Moët & Chandon’s Grand Vintage 2008 is a unique champagne – perfect as a celebratory drink – which can also be paired with a variety of delicious dishes. The Blanc has fresh, floral notes which complement white meat and stronger, sour flavours, whereas delicate textures and aromatic herbs go well with the fruity hints in the Rosé. With such a mature and complex vintage, food pairing suggestions are broad.

Here are some options:

Grand Vintage 2008 Blanc

  • Chicken ballotine, pickled baby vegetables, chive cream sauce
  • Baby beetroot, watercress, walnut and pear salad, shaved pecorino

Grand Vintage 2008 Rosé

  • Tuna carpaccio, shredded fennel, mimosa dressing
  • Baby spinach and avocado salad, shredded fennel, lemon dressing


For those serving Moët Impérial,  Cellar Master Benoît Gouez comments, “The iconic Moët Impérial is a family favourite. The fresh, acidic taste of the house champagne pairs perfectly with white meats. Likewise, it balances well with a range of seafood from luxurious oysters to scallops and white fish. Excellent pairings include scallops with truffle shavings and orange crème brûlée.

“Serve champagne in a flute – a traditional and visual cue for champagne which beautifully showcases the drink’s effervescence. However, if you ask a wine expert, you’ll find that they use a wine glass to drink champagne; ideally with a wider base and slightly narrower at the top to release more of the aroma for the drinker to appreciate. It also allows the champagne to breathe, creating a fruitier, superior taste on your palate.”



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