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Great hospitality is the key to Pride of Britain’s long-standing reputation for excellence in hotel-keeping. The consortium belongs to its members, a group of independent and mostly family-owned luxury hotels in some of the most beautiful locations around England, Scotland and Wales. Each has its own distinctive style but all are run by people with a passion for great hospitality.

Our mission is to effectively market and support a collection of the finest privately owned hotels in Britain. This is achieved by providing a wide range of marketing services aimed at attracting high value business from both leisure and corporate guests. Almost the entire marketing budget is deployed within the UK.

When hotels apply to join Pride of Britain they are first visited by a member hotelier whose findings are considered by the board. If recommended to members by the board, a majority vote in favour is required before membership can be granted. Once admitted into the consortium, all hotels are inspected by our mystery guests every two years. Hotels can choose to leave the consortium at any time but are required to give 12 months’ notice.

There are no prescribed criteria for membership – every application is treated on its merits – though the attainment of AA red stars, for example, would reinforce an application.

The consortium is managed by a chief executive who oversees a small head office team and specialist contractors/suppliers. He reports to a board made up of around 8 current member hoteliers, one of whom serves as chairman. A budget for the forthcoming year is presented to the board for approval before being presented to all members at the annual conference. Membership fees are adjusted annually in line with the prevailing rate of inflation.

Joining Pride of Britain Hotels

To discuss the possibility of membership for your hotel please contact our Chief Executive Peter Hancock FIH MI on 01666 824666 or send him an email to