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40th anniversary – longstanding member spotlight on Andrew McKenzie

By 8th September 2022Articles, Lifestyle, News

In celebration of Pride of Britain Hotels’ momentous 40th year, we continue in our series of spotlights with some of the collection’s longest-standing members.

Next up, we speak to Andrew McKenzie, Managing Director, The Vineyard Hotel in Berkshire.

What are your reflections on Pride of Britain Hotels’ 40th anniversary?

“I think it’s amazing how the gem of an idea from some enlightened and forward thinking hoteliers to pull their resources together to promote the best of British hospitality and gastronomy has evolved into the amazing organisation that Pride of Britain Hotels is today.”

How has Pride of Britain Hotels adapted to the current climate of the luxury hotels sector?

“Over the last 40 years, the sophistication of our marketing approach, the analysis of data and the razor sharp targeting of our campaigns have developed significantly to adapt to the luxury hotels sector.”

And how has the world of luxury hotels changed over the last 40 years?

Luxury then was all about stiff white linen, bow ties and other forms of formality. Luxury today is about anticipating guest needs and giving them uplifting experiences that they couldn’t otherwise access. Some of the basics haven’t changed at all though. Well-run properties with staff who are well drilled, passionate and have the guest at the centre of everything they do have never gone out of fashion.”

What are your forward views on the Pride of Britain Hotels brand in the years ahead, and how do you think it will continue to serve its members and guests?

“If there was any upside at all to the pandemic, it was that the guests who would always look abroad first for a short break were forced to look towards the UK, and discovered that there were delights aplenty to enjoy in the luxury country hotel market. Pride of Britain Hotels and its members have to continually delight those new guests with great experiences and remind them how good they are by sharing engaging stories to encourage them to return again and again.”

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