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10 Things To Do in Devon: Devon & Cornwall are Open for Business

By 26th February 2014Articles

You can fill a weekend holiday easily with all there is to do in Devon & Cornwall, any time of year. If you are having trouble deciding what to do on a weekend break or half term trip, here are:

Ten great things to do while in Devon
Explore Dartmoor
A walk in this national park will not disappoint. See wild ponies, and explore unspoiled forests and moorland. You will discover that even during the winter there is a lot to see. For a step back in history, go to the Castle Drogo. It is a granite castle on the 700-acre estate in the midst of Dartmoor. Tour the intimate rooms inside the castle, and stroll formal gardens surrounding it.

The Lost World of Atlantis

If a nature walk and castle tour won’t please the family, try the recently opened Lost World of Atlantis. This is an indoor children’s play park, complete with roller coasters. You can visit with Neptune, be welcomed by Princess Annabelle, ride with the dolphins, and more.

Visit a Donkey Sanctuary
If you and your kids are looking for a farm experience, consider going to the donkey sanctuary at the Slade House Farm in Sidmouth. These animals are often neglected or abused, but here they are treated as family. Run entirely on legacy and your entrance donations, the visit will be a gift for yourself and the residents.

Swim at Tinside Beach, Plymouth
Yes, even in the cold of winter you will find the winter swimmers plunging into the icy water. Even if you decide to stay dry, observe the brave souls, and then stroll up to the main area to enjoy a pint or take some tea.

Dragon Archery Centre
In the mood to slay a dragon, take aim at a dinosaur, or kill an orc? The Dragon Archery Centre is set up for archers eight and over who are in the mood to step into a fantasy realm. They specialize in those who have little to no experience with a bow and arrow, so feel don’t nervous if you are a novice. Do plan in advance though, because this slaying is reservations only.

Distill Gin
Not for the younger set, come and try your hand at making your own gin. On the Master Distiller’s Private tour at Plymouth Gin Distillery you will get to make your own gin. Not feeling like a master? Don’t worry. They have tour for those who just want to have a look and a taste.

Chill Out with Chillis
Spice is all the rage in the culinary world, and in Devon you can taste it right where it is grown. Stop at the South Devon Chilli Farm in Loddiswell. You can buy seeds, sample the harvest, and even try outrageous combinations like chilli chocolates. It is open during the winter months, but closed some days, so check first:

Take Time for Tea
We will forgive you if you are looking for something more traditional that chilli chocolate. Go ahead and treat yourself to the best cream tea in the area at The Real Food Store in Exeter. Heralded as the most delicious Devon cream tea there is, do you really want to miss this?

Royal Albert Memorial Museum
If you would like to know more history about the area, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum is a great place to visit. Devon is a treasure trove of prehistoric information. Explore this museum, and learn just how far back the history can go.

Kent’s Cavern
The Royal Albert Memorial Museum was not enough for you? You won’t be disappointed then with a visit to Kent’s Cavern. There are guided tours through the caves, a try-it-out cave painting location, and a place for the children to try their hand at digging. This attraction is for all ages, any time of the year.

Don’t let the season keep you away from Devon. There are plenty of rewarding experiences waiting for you – indoors and out – in the South West

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